95' Foot RG-214 Times Microwave Silver Plated Coax Cable RG214 End Of Roll

$ 165.95

2ps RG316 Wire Jumper 15cm SMA Male to N Male Extender Cable Adapter Jumper Q8C6

$ 3.72

TS9 Male to RP-SMA-KY Female RG174 Coaxial Cable Pigtail 15cm M2O1

$ 1.15

Amphenol RF/Microwave Connector 554-89/3432 5A 500V - New - Sealed

$ 4.71

Amphenol RF/Microwave Connector 554-88/4218 5A 500V - New Sealed

$ 3.95

Thales MBITR GPS Cable 3500465-501 NSN 5995-01-487-1150 AN/PRC-148 AN/PSN-11

$ 59.99

RG174 SMA Male Plug to BNC Female Jack Network Antenna Pigtail Cable 13.3 BIN

$ 9.98


$ 0.79

Motorola comm port headsets with PTT, 2 units 1 is in original box 

$ 200.00

SMA Plug Male to SMA Jack Female Right Angle Antenna Connector Adapter 90 Degree

$ 2.15

New 5 Pieces, Original Packaging, EF Johnson 142-0294-001 RF Connectors

$ 9.95

C2G/Cables to Go 37036 3.5mm 3-Conductor Keystone Adapter

$ 8.59

3m 6 Pin Removable Separation Hand Microphone Extension Cords Cable for FT7800

$ 4.72


$ 55.00

RadioShack 50-Ft.Dual Shielded Indoor/Out Door RG-6/U 75-Ohm Coax Cable 15-1548

$ 9.99

TNC male to RP-TNC female bulkhead o-ring pigtail Cable KSR195 50cm for Wireless

$ 6.00

Dht Electronics 2Pcs Rf Coaxial Coax Cable Assembly Mcx Male To F Female 6''

$ 7.76

RF coaxial Coax Adapter F Female to UHF Male PL-259 Connector

$ 7.69

50pcs Coax Adapter Connector N male to F male straight straight RF adapter hot

$ 124.00

Generic Coiled coaxial with SMA-M - 10" Long Narrow Wind (Stainless Steel)

$ 18.20

Yaesu CN-3 Antenna Adapter male SMA to female BNC

$ 10.99

7 in 1 Multimeter Test/Repair Cable 4mm Banana Plug to Clip/hook/USB Female B5

$ 2.87

6in1 USB Programming Cable for Motorola HYT ICOM BAOFENG KENWOOD YAESU Radio BH

$ 6.54

4x N Female Jack Bulkhead to SMA Male RF Pigtail Semi-Flexible RG402 15cm B5

$ 15.29

8x F-Type Female to Male PAL RF Aerial TV Antenna Cable Plug Right Angle B5

$ 6.92

USB Programming Cable Replacement for Radio HT750 HT1250 PRO5150 GP328 GP340

$ 7.63

UHF PL-259 Male to BNC Female Right Angle 90 Degree Coax RF Adapter Connector

$ 7.14

NJ UHFK RF High Frequency N Male to Jack UHF SO239 Female Plug Connector Adapter

$ 6.18

SMA Female To BNC Female Disc RF Contact Coaxial Connector Adapter Nickel Plated

$ 5.54

2 x Bird 4240-125 Style BNC(f) Quick Change Connectors for Bird 43 and 4304A

$ 16.95

DHT Electronics RF coaxial coax adapter UHF male to male PL-259 connector

$ 7.69

onelinkmore RF Connector Pigtail Cable SMA Female Bulkhead to Ufl./ipx Extension

$ 7.69

HUELE 4pcs 4 Inch 10cm UFL IPEX/IPX to SMA Female RG-178 Coaxial Cable

$ 8.08

10pcs BNC Plug Crimp Connectors for RG58 RG-58 RG400 LMR195 Coax Male

$ 11.90

2pcs N Type Male to Mini UHF Male RF Connector Coaxial RG142 Pigtail Cable 30cm

$ 14.22


$ 7.99

Verifone CBL159-302-02-X SMA (RF) connector UX300 to UX400

$ 40.00

5R 5M Feeder Cable Connector + RB-400 Clip Replacement for Mobile Car Radio Clip

$ 15.67

5R 5M Feeder Cable Connector + RB-400 Clip Replacement for Mobile Car Radio Clip

$ 16.09

5R 5M Feeder Cable Connector + RB-400 Clip Replacement for Mobile Car Radio Clip

$ 15.67

5pcs N Male to Mini UHF Male Antenna Adapter RG142 Coaxial Pigtail Cable 10"

$ 33.35

N Type Male to Mini UHF Male Plug Adapter Cable RG142 Coaxial Pigtail Cable 25cm

$ 7.58

3 FT BNC Female Bulkhead to SMA Jack female WLNA Antenna pigtail Cable KSR195 1M

$ 6.42

Andrew Commscope F4PNF-C Type N Female Connector for FSJ4 Coax

$ 19.95

NEW Cambridge CPFI-UG88-2 BNC Male Twist-On For RG-59/62 LOT of 15 SEALED PACKS

$ 12.99

1PCS SMA Male Plug to TS9 Female Jack RG174 25CM Communication Connector

$ 2.21

2PCS 4mm 307 Gold Plated Terminal Binding Post Banana Plug Socket Connector

$ 2.21

470-860MHZ 25DB antenna Indoor HDTV antenna signal amplifier USB high gain OMNI

$ 15.99

Helicopter Headset Replacement Cable with U-174/U Connector O7W8

$ 17.65

1Pair HIFI Rhodium Plated Carbon Fiber Speaker Cable Banana Terminal Plug B/R B5

$ 3.33

4Pair HIFI Rhodium Plated Carbon Fiber Speaker Cable Banana Terminal Plug B/R B5

$ 11.79

20PCS 2mm Banana Socket Binding Posts Shrapnel Jack Terminals Test Probes BS5

$ 5.23

4PCS HIFI Rhodium Plated Carbon Fiber Speaker Cable Banana Terminal PLUG RED BS5

$ 7.03

1PCS HIFI Rhodium Plated Carbon Fiber Speaker Cable Banana Terminal PLUG RED BS5

$ 2.21

1PCS HIFI Rhodium Plated Carbon Fiber Speaker Cable Banana Terminal PLUG BLK BS5

$ 2.21

1PC 2m WiFi router antenna extension cable cord RG174 RP-SMA male to female XS

$ 6.94

20 inch BNC female jack to BNC male plug RF Pigtail Coaxial Jump Cable RG58 50cm

$ 6.99

Silver Connector SO239 UHF female jack 4-hole 25mm flange solder panel mount RS

$ 1.40

10Pack F Type Coupler Adapter Connector Female F/F Jack RG6 Coax Coaxial Cabl RS

$ 1.43

10Pairs 2mm Banana Plug Pin Bullet Connector Copper RC Battery Male+Female B5

$ 3.06

20PCS Insulated 4MM Banana Plug for Test Probes Binding Posts Multimeter BS5

$ 13.26

4Pcs 1m RG58 Cable SMA Male Plug to SMA Female Jack RF Pigtail Jumper 3ft BS5

$ 11.06

1Pc Adapter SO239 UHF Jack Female To UHF Female RF Connector Straight BS5 B5.

$ 2.25

RoadPro RPDF-1 Female to Female SO-239 Coax Connector

$ 8.49

5G 5000-5800Mhz 8dbi sucker modular antenna SMA male connector 3m wire high gain

$ 5.99

1Pcs N Type Male Plug to BNC Female Jack Right Angle 90° RF Adapter Connector B5

$ 3.65

4Pc SMB Plug Male To F Jack Female Straight Coaxial Adapter Coupler Connector B5

$ 5.23

5PCS RG178 RP SMA Female To PCB Solder Pigtail Cable For WIFI LOW LOSS 10CM BS5

$ 5.05

1Pcs 2.5mm Programming Cable For Motorola Radio MAG ONE A8 BPR40 W/ BS5

$ 5.23

1Pc 15CM RCA Female Jack To Fakra-Z Male Plug RG174 Cable Antenna Extension 50Ω.

$ 2.91

1Pc 15CM RCA Female To Fakra-Z Female Jack Pigtail RF Extension For RG174 Cable.

$ 3.12


$ 15.00

1Pcs RG316 BNC Male Plug to BNC Male Plug RF Pigtail Jumper Cable 50CM 20in BS5

$ 2.28

M/A Com 20 Watt, 50 ohm Termination, Dummy Load, RF, N Type Male connector

$ 19.99

Pro RF Coax Adapter Convertor UHF PL-259 Male Plug to BNC Male Straight M/M

$ 2.55

L-com BAC537 TNC Male Crimp Right Angle for RG174/188/316 Cable Qty 10

$ 30.00

RPSMA male plug to RP-SMA female jack Pigtail Coaxial Cable RG174 8inch 20cm

$ 2.50

4Pcs 1M RG142 Cable BNC Male To SMA Male Plug RF Pigtail Adapter Low Loss 3ft B5

$ 22.77

4Pcs 20cm RG316 Y Type 1 SMA Male Plug to 2 SMA Female Jack Pigtail Cable 8in B5

$ 11.26

4Pcs N Type Male Plug to BNC Female Jack Right Angle 90° RF Adapter Connector B5

$ 13.91

1X Connector SMB FEMALE JACK WINDOW CRIMP RG174 RG316 cable for XM Sirius

$ 1.60

10pcs RF Coaxial Connector Fakra Waterblue /5021 Neutral Coding Crimp Plug Male

$ 20.68

5Pcs T Type One UHF Male Plug PL-259 to Two UHF Female SO-239 RF Connector BS5

$ 15.27

10m RG179 RF Coaxial Cable Connector 75ohm M17/94 RG-179 Coax Pigtail 32ft BS5

$ 12.81

Cinch Jones P308-CCT P3308-CCT Beau Molex 38331-5608 8 Pin Male Connector

$ 15.99

1Pc 2 in 1 Program Cable For Yaesu/Vertex VX-2000 VX-2100/2200/VX-300 VX-400 BS5

$ 8.61

1xConnector SO239 UHF Female Radio Solder RG8 LMR400 RG213 RG214 Right Angle BS5

$ 3.12

L-com Item # BAC03-G SMA Male Crimp for RG58U Cable (Gold) QTY 4

$ 12.00

USB Programming Cable For Kenwood TM271A TK808/768/768G/8108 RPC-KM6 BS5

$ 7.34

Power Cable DC Cord For Kenwood YAESU ICOM TM281 TM481 TK-271 FT-1807/802 BS5

$ 8.40

2Pcs BNC female jack to SMA male plug RF connector straight gold plating-adapter

$ 6.18

10Pcs Adapter BNC Female Jack To TNC Male Plug RF Connector Straight F/M BS5 B5.

$ 13.62

L-Com BAC02-G SMA Male Crimp, Right Angle for RG58U Cable qty 6

$ 15.00

4Pcs DC Power Cord Cable For Motorola Mobile Radio GM300 With Fuse Holder

$ 9.50

GPS Mobile Cell Phone Signal Strength Booster Extender External Antenna A1

$ 0.99

PREMIERTEK ANT-SP Coaxial Lighting Surge Protector

$ 34.50

BTECH PC03 FTDI Genuine USB Programming Cable for BTECH, BaoFeng, Kenwood, and

$ 21.90

1Pcs USB Programming Wire Cable For Baofeng A58 9700 Walkie Talkie Two Way Radio

$ 7.25

MCX Male to SMA Female RG316 Low Loss Pigtail Adapter Cable 21cm/8.3in A3G9) T1

$ 1.09

1X RP-SMA female jack to IPX IPEX U.FL MHF4 RF jumper cable 0.81mm 10cm long

$ 0.89

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